The Beginning

It's 1 am and I'm on some sort of creative kick. Lately I've been returning from my job late, usually after midnight, and writing tons of lyrics or just playing my guitar. I spend a lot of time alone, yet I long to connect with people on a basic emotional level. After a couple hours of writing down my thoughts tonight in the form of developing songs, I decided to create a new "blog". This was against the advice of others that "people don't read anymore" and just want to "sit and stare at a screen". I know this is probably completely true, but I was the one who said to put all your energy into your live show whether it's in front of 100 people or the barman and your best friend. So that goes for blogging too. And all things ever. Do it with a vengeance. Do it even when no one's watching.

I've had a vlog for a while (on Youtube) - and to those of you who have followed it and been interactive, thank you so much - it isn't completely dead, I promise. Now I want to jump start it all again. I'm no longer able to get in front of the camera as often as I would like. But, I still want to put my thoughts out there, and more importantly, I want to hear yours. In fact, I need to hear yours. Let's talk life and love and energy and creation and pain and aspirations and conflict and anarchy and good music and everything in between.

I receive messages daily via social media from friends and supporters of my music. We discuss topics pertaining to art and life in great detail, and tonight I realized; why not put it all in one place? I learn so much from all of you every day. There are still tons of posts floating around on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, in my email (of over 3,000 unread messages, mostly spam)... but they seem to disappear into some parallel universe where we all keep up with our 1,56456 various online accounts. I know I don't.

I am nothing without the interactions I have with others. At one time I was in the know, I was awake, my eyes were wide open and I had a connection with my immediate world. Now, it has been a lonely life as a composer and performer and I get sick of my own thoughts. I hope you'll share yours with me, because what use is this big ol' internet machine if we can't use it for some good?

So that's all for now. I really didn't say anything of concrete substance above. Is "concrete substance" even a real thing? Sounds like an oxymoron.

Much love,


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